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Called the police to save her husband, and they shot him


A resident of America decided to save the faithful from suicide. The whole evening threatened to deal with him in the house.

Вызвала полицию, чтобы спасти мужа, а они его застрелили

First lady called the police the day to convince boyfriend not to do stupid things. Police said that a man is not aggressive, suffer from depression and after he left. In the evening, the man took the gun, told his wife he was shot, and she, without hesitation, again called law enforcement authorities.

However, this time the house was raided by a little if not a military special forces unit, took a turn for the scrap, and after one of the officers shot the man, who in General did not want to hurt anyone…

The girl, of course, has filed a lawsuit against the government.

Her lawyer says that everyone knew that the suicidal threat is not

However, the city official declares that at the time of the murder, David had threatened others, as went to the girl with the weapon and did not respond to demands to quit.

What will end this horror is not clear, but one thing is clear – these laws are clearly good arguments.

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