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The pandemic has not reached the peak – the who

The epidemic of coronavirus in the world continues to gain momentum, and its effects can last for decades, warned of the organization. The world continues to gain momentum pandemic coronavirus. This was stated by the head of the who tedros adhanom Ghebreysus on a virtual health forum on Monday, June …

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Now, what happens if you insult someone else’s child

It’s amazing how well developed in Russia collective intelligence: one of them said, without thinking, the second, too, especially without understanding, caught and passed the third. And then you Wake up in a country where very often some experts but other analysts with their “true judgments”. For example, the history …

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Died right on the street

In the Kuzbass, investigating the mysterious death of 15-year-old girl who inexplicably died on the street… The incident took place in Mariinsk. The victim saw some of the locals. According to which, the girl went some sort of gas from the cylinder. One of the witnesses after seeing immediately called …

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Little Big accused of plagiarism and it is something!

Who? The world-famous group, together with Internet users, who for some reasons did not find similarities, and then as the chain broke. Some criticize, others to protect. It seems to me that in today’s world, the whole culture of recycled plagiarism, because everything has long been invented for us, but …

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Stalin in the Church

Today a priest seized the monastery and put under the protection of so-called “Cossacks”. The news is strange, everywhere write about it; I’m also interested. Found the video where the Abbot explains who and why he is fighting in the ROC. He stands in front of the camera in the …

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Insanity grows stronger, attracting pilgrims

What a wonderful time that allows sitting at home watching the masses of people come together around tragedy and begin to collectively go crazy. To make recidivist and porn actor Holy sacrifice of art. In the US, the murder (or death, whatever you like) George Floyd started to perform the …

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Experiments on children

Became aware of a shocking experiment on homeless children, which was conducted by authorities of West Berlin. Within 30(!) years they gave kids up for adoption pedophiles. The victims dared to speak after the death of the Professor of pedagogy of Helmut Kentler – author of the project. He believed …

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Force majeure must be able to explain properly

The fact that the society is tired of stagnation, does not mean that it wanted state of emergency. People expect normal systemic reform, not sudden contactless vote in the midst of the pandemic and early elections in the spirit of “grab bags station departs!”. If the regime will agree to …

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The main nightmare of the Russians and the government

We are waiting for the crackdown, increasing authoritarianism and declining living standards — or the cult of consumption will deploy people to democracy, creating a request for a higher purpose and values? In the mass consciousness there is a fairly clear image of the future, which people are afraid, and …

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