Thursday , November 26 2020
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Stalin in the Church

Сталин в церкви

Today a priest seized the monastery and put under the protection of so-called “Cossacks”. The news is strange, everywhere write about it; I’m also interested.

Found the video where the Abbot explains who and why he is fighting in the ROC. He stands in front of the camera in the Church: frowns, proves the correctness. But behind the icons are hanging, pictures of priests and next to them is a portrait of Stalin.

In the Church. Next to the icons. A Portrait Of Stalin.

Portrait of a man, head of the party of the Bolsheviks in the thirties, that is, in the era of militant atheist when priests were shot, looted Church property, destroyed churches.

Black mirror for some. You do not understand.

Ilya Yashin, a politician


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