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Now, what happens if you insult someone else’s child

It’s amazing how well developed in Russia collective intelligence: one of them said, without thinking, the second, too, especially without understanding, caught and passed the third. And then you Wake up in a country where very often some experts but other analysts with their “true judgments”.

Вот, что будет, если оскорбишь чужого ребёнка

For example, the history of amendments to the Constitution, which has so reached its climax, it is not clear, but are they necessary at all? Yes, in the regions hanging banners reminding of the impending vote. Yes, the amendments say on television, on radio, in the courts, heads of firms and enterprises. Well and without it? The point is serious, it should be highlighted that people did realize it.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the kind of campaigning joined the representatives of our show business. By the way, you have to understand that it is normal when such events attract “star” echelon.

Probably all watched the video clip with a call to participate in the voting from family Plushenko-Rudkowski, where star parents explain to the son – Gnome GnomeICU – what the Constitution is, and how important is this vote for our country. The video ends with a VoiceOver that reads “Our choice — our children’s future,” which provoked a strong reaction from the public in the comments under the post and at other sites. Only this time, the vote itself receded into the background, bringing to the podium discussion son Rudkovskaya and Plushenko:

Вот, что будет, если оскорбишь чужого ребёнка

Вот, что будет, если оскорбишь чужого ребёнка

One of the most unnecessarily cruel was the comment Navalny, who criticized Plushenko and Rudkovskaya, calling them “greedy unscrupulous parents who exploit their child”. And now the question: is Alex has the right to say something about the “exploitation of children”, when his daughter Daria good shot, creating a channel on Youtube, while her daddy was successfully rolled from one jail to another? I think hardly anyone would listen to a speech of an ordinary child who just finished school, and already serious person thinks about the bright future of Russia without Putin, if this were not the parent-opposition. Doesn’t make sense, right?

In General, to poison children on the Internet is a strange and, as he said, Plushenko, it is “not manly”. If Alex really so heartily concerned for their country, then let them inform my audience about voting, explains in detail about each amendment, instead of comment on social media posts. So at least some good will.

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