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Change at what cost?

The tale of the honest banker and other fighters for people’s happiness

The current election campaign in Belarus showed once again that opponents of the existing government will stop at nothing to under the pretext to undermine the political situation in the country. Under the guise of democratic slogans, fighters for the future without Lukashenka are guided in their activities not by democratic means, by playing on the emotions of the unassuming public.

The laws of the genre before the elections, appears on the scene, the characters, which is not what the layman, but even the sophisticated connoisseur of the political elite never heard of. All the doorways of the cracks like cockroaches, climb “conscious” citizens who imagine themselves prophets and great specialists in public construction. To attract attention, the latter-day Messiah unfold vigorous advertising activities, as a rule, highly questionable content, sometimes to the basic misery.

Six months ago, it became clear that “honest banker” V. Babariko, about 20 years head of the “Belgazprombank”, a reason handing out right and left interviews where casually shares his profound fatherly thoughts about the necessity of radical reconstruction of the life of the Motherland. A philosophical, quasi-political and psevdoekonomicheskoy passages financier caused a lively discussion in the Internet space because of the apparent ambiguous nature: on the common currency, the Belarusian language, privatization, etc. As befits the Amateurs of Babariko, bumping into the surprise of the audience, deftly changed the tone of the narrative, assuring all that his ranting misinterpreted. This was especially after his inclusion in the election campaign, when the interview is poured from the cornucopia. Their motto boiled down to one thing: know can. The further course of events showed the opposite.

After the publication of the Declaration on incomes of the candidate in the candidates, it became clear that in the tale of an honest banker can believe only naive people who are not able to analyze the apparent inconsistencies and living on the island without the Internet. In blind love for his deity a blind eye to obvious duplicity beacon, justifying it and even defending. Indeed, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Babariko sold his share (?) from Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in just a little over 9 thousand dollars under market value many times more. A gorgeous cottage in which he resides, it turns out, does not belong to him. Of real estate only house a total area of 68.5 square meters in a village. As goes the humble ex-banker on a modest Ford Fiesta 2015 release. Common practice for “honest bankers”, ready also “honestly” and dedicated to manage and the country.

After the criminal case in respect of Babariko detained, by the way, driving a Tesla, not Ford Fiesta, his supporters wailed about the political intent of the authorities and phony allegations of financial fraud admirer of painting. The arguments of the state control Committee deliberately not taken into account due to the mismatch of the Holy face “honest banker” and philanthropist, who “gave” the country is not a painting of famous artists. This can not be, because it can be! Truly, blind faith and the facts it is impossible to combine. Sometimes to cover up the nefarious deeds need to put them in the most prominent place. Not swept. Leave believers with his Christ and move on to the next character.

The former head of the high-tech Park Valery Tsepkalo, for decades faithfully served the “hated regime”, after the expulsion from office suddenly saw the light and set out to change the former employer at the post of the new inhabitant of the Palace of Independence, offering people samples of ephemeral bright future. Happened, to put it mildly, not very nice. From curious people the question: “If everything is so bad and hopeless in a country where you used to be, the benefactor?”

But the biographical facts of many years of public service brave “it-guy” and a former diplomat of his admirers timidly quiet. What is important is something else: it offers a new future! What? In a lengthy reasoning Tsepkalo dreams of investment and innovation in the spirit of the best Western models, sending a centuries-old rural way of local life to the dustbin of history, saying that on a 3D printer will print pigs and loaves. With childishness, as with faith, it is useless to struggle. Moreover, with the honesty of the “hero from the future” as the ex-banker, there are also certain difficulties. Tsepkalo thinks it is normal to sell the house in which he lived, and anywhere from it not to leave. Where would the rest of Belarusians to find such a supportive real estate buyers?

Not remained aloof from the campaign trail active blogger (without them in the modern world in any way) S. tikhanovski, decided in the heat of frantic busterta to spin at the same time and its YouTube channel, which deliberately focuses on continuous faults, giving it an epic scope and unprecedented emotional intensity. Confusing the Internet with real life, home-grown revolutionary went to hold a meeting for pickets to collect signatures, spit on existing legislation. Running with a mouthpiece and a mad person through the streets and squares, okormlenii boorish big man in the company of suspicious comrades called to put an end to the “mustache” mode.

The curious question “what next?” from the calmly-he just, “doesn’t Matter! The main thing — to remove the “cockroach”!” With the tactics, everything is clear, but the strategy stalled. It’s not biased videos on the topic of the day to remove, generously showering the power of insults. But let’s not too much to ask of a person whose previous professional career covered with darkness and moral character which does not inspire confidence. Now tikhanovski in the image of the Martyr

a La Kalinowski wrote from prison, “letters from beneath the gallows”, accompanied by inspirational “Believe. Can. Will win.” Already the spirit grasps from such bravado and youthful daring…

A certain part of Belarusian society is to a new “heroes” that promises happiness and prosperity under their leadership. However, many from this part of the irresponsible are guided by the principles “anyhow not Lukashenka” and “change at any cost”, completely forgetting about the achievements of the current government, which is still a lot and about which, as about doing good, few people gratefully remember. Of course, problems. But the government is not idle, according to its opponents, and trying to solve them. Not all of the prevailing internal and external circumstances work. But success comes to those who work, and is not engaged in vulgar chatter and cheap populism, designed for inexperienced youth. You should be aware of this, not to regret that due to excessive fervor and promiscuity have changed, as they say, bull in Turkey.

Sergey GRISHKEVICH, member of the Communist party of Belarus.

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