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Called summer berries, which will help to lose weight quickly

Названы летние ягоды, которые помогут быстро похудетьIf you want to lose weight quickly — should make a choice in favor of the berries.

They are easy to digest and not overload the body. Share the list of the most useful for weight loss. They can lose weight and at the same time to get a good mix of nutrients.


Fragrant and tasty strawberries can be a great alternative to sweet desserts. This berry is crammed with useful microelements, displays the body of harmful salts and excess fluid. Fresh strawberries nourishes body cells and promotes rapid fat burning. No wonder based on it invented a lot of diets for quick weight loss.

So, if you want quick and delicious to lose weight regularly arrange fasting days with strawberries. When diet nutrition you can eat a day to 1-1. 5 fresh berries. And for even greater efficiency when it is best to drink plenty of water or green tea, of course, without the added sugar.


In the composition of barberry contains a complex of nutrients, which not only saturate the body with vitamins but also help him to burn fats. Sour berries of barberry are among the most low-calorie, and therefore recommended for inclusion in the diet by many nutritionists.

If you do not like acid these berries, cook from barberry decoctions, teas and infusions. Can also add berries of barberry in your favorite low-calorie desserts, cook them on the basis of fruit drinks and refreshing summer cocktails. Such delicious drinks and meals will not only help in the fight against excess weight, but will also allow to cleanse the body of toxins.


Women who are trying to lose weight should include in your diet this summer berry. The composition of the strawberry is considered a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fragrant berry is also rich in iron, thus having a positive impact on the process of hematopoiesis and the cardiovascular system. In addition to the beneficial part, strawberries greatly accelerates metabolic processes in the body.

The introduction of this useful berries in the diet help with weight loss contributes to a more intensive weight. If you want to be in shape and look great, don’t disregard this delicious berries.


Of course, in summer it should have as much raspberry, all of us have heard since early childhood. This juicy and fragrant summer berry is considered one of the best remedies in the treatment of viral diseases and colds. But it turns out that this is all use raspberry not limited. In addition, the berry is crowded are important for the body in vitamin C, it also contains large reserves of minerals, which accelerate the process of digestion of fat.

Fresh raspberries do not increase the sugar level in the blood, so it may be the most delicious summer treat for diabetics. One handful of raspberries able both to satisfy hunger and contribute to discharge of excess calories. And what could be better in terms of hard diet?


BlackBerry is the champion of the content of organic acids, vitamins, pectins and minerals. Delicious sweet and sour blackberries helps to normalize the digestive process, has an effective anti-inflammatory and healing action. But apart from all these features, the BlackBerry is particularly valuable as a product for weight loss. Of course, more benefits to the body that will enjoy the fresh berries.

You can add them to your favorite fruit salads, smoothies and cocktails. If you are on the correct nutrition and diet can based BlackBerry to prepare delicious sauces and desserts. Meals add it turn out very tasty and interesting.


It turns out that this juicy and sourish berry is considered an effective tool that can significantly reduce the calories. In addition to the minimum number of calories cherry is also able to enrich the body with unique minerals and vitamins. Cherries contain nutrients that cannot be found in other berries. It has pigments and pectins, fructose and glucose, a rare organic acid. It promotes combustion of subcutaneous fat and quenches thirst.

So, if you want to have a perfect figure, prepare on the basis of cherry smoothies refreshing drinks and cocktails. Eat fresh berries within a day and then problems with weight you will not be afraid!

Red and black currants

As red and black currants have similar properties, they are equally good for weight loss. In these small-sized berries contains a lot of vitamin C and A, various acids and minerals, which stimulate digestive processes and promote the excretion of cholesterol. Red and black currants accelerate the metabolism, so the extra pounds go a lot faster. In the composition of the berries, there are also active elements that affect the brain.

Currants can be eaten fresh, added to salads, cook for the sauces, smoothies, fruit drinks and vitamin cocktails. Any dish with its addition is not only delicious, but also the most useful for the body.


This huge berry consists of large quantities of water and thus contains a minimal amount of carbohydrates. Watermelon hydrates the body and provides instant energy. Thanks to its unique and rich composition, this juicy berry improves digestion and quickly removes toxins from the body, thereby promoting healthy weight loss. A berry can be fresh as a dessert or add to salads. No less tasty watermelon, cooked on the grill.

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