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About these useful properties of nuts, few know

Об этих полезных свойствах орехов знают немногиеNutritionists have called seven good reasons to include in the autumn diet with walnuts.

All nuts are considered nutritious and healthy, but walnut – the most affordable and popular. Not everyone knows that walnuts are excellent biochemical composition containing vegetable proteins, essential fatty acids omega-3, fiber, antioxidant substances, vitamins A, b, C, E, K, H, PP, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and other. Naturally, when this part of the nut becomes superfoam, which has many useful properties.

Seven of the most valuable properties of walnut:

1. Protect the cardiovascular system from various diseases. These nuts contain fatty acids omega-s and a variety of amino acids that strengthen the heart muscle and cleansing the blood vessels.

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2. Anticancer property allows us to consider walnuts are the most useful among the rest. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals entering the body and flush them out, preventing the development of cancer.

3. Struggling with “brutal” appetite. Walnuts are very rich, enough for all 5 pieces as a second Breakfast and before lunch you will not feel hunger. Regular consumption of these nuts will give you the ability to control appetite and gradually lose weight, if necessary.

4. Rejuvenation. Walnuts are so many antioxidants that promote liver regeneration and recovery of cells that simply do not count. Thanks to this set of antioxidants, walnuts can be called anti-aging product, retarding premature aging and prolonging life.

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5. Use for diabetics. Substances in these nuts to quickly free the vessel from excess glucose and trigger increased production of insulin. So in the diet of diabetics walnuts should be clear.

6. Improving reproductive function in men. Scientists say that all men, without exception, is to consume walnuts, as they improve the potency and health in General.

7. Increases intellect. Eating these nuts every day, you will take care of your brain and its functionality. Not for nothing, the walnut-like surface of the brain?

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