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A nutritionist has shared little-known facts about nutrition

Диетолог поделился малоизвестными фактами о правильном питанииIt became known as actually looks like a system of proper nutrition.

In recent years more and more people are trying to join the healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. This desire of the people is understandable, because everyone wants to live a long and happy life without health problems. But to get to the truth not everyone succeeds in the question of how to eat and what foods you need to lean.

Nutritionists told about little-known facts concerning the fundamentals of nutrition:

1. Several times a week to refuse food of animal origin. It is necessary for that the gastrointestinal tract might be cleansed in a natural way, because clogged digestive tract is overweight, slow metabolism, fatigue, poor appearance and so on.

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2. Eaten at the same time 5 kinds of vegetable oils. Per day an adult needs in total, along with other products to eat 4 tbsp of vegetable oil. This can be olive, sunflower, corn, linseed, sesame, sea buckthorn, soybean, canola and other oils.

3. Frying is only 1-2 times per month. Every day it is better to use the grill or the oven for baking.

4. Fruit, cereal and cheese – separately. Nutritionists suggest to eat fruit for the second Breakfast and afternoon tea, but not mixing them with any other products.

5. In the morning, you should consume unsalted porridge without milk or eggs, but experts recommend 1-2 times a week for Breakfast fermented milk products.

6. Before eating you need to drink water. This rule is known to all, but for some reason not everyone uses it. This is necessary in order to understand what drives you, hunger or thirst.

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7. More than 20 minutes to starve is not recommended. For the digestive system and hunger – a powerful stress, which the body then will make you eat more than actually required.

If you start to follow the rules of healthy nutrition, then a few days you will begin to notice that you become easier to move, perhaps someone will be able to lose weight, complexion and skin will change for the better. For such changes you should try to eat properly.

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