Sunday , November 29 2020
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‘Looks a little like plagiarism’: Pence uses past Biden scandal to slam Harris on Covid-19 response plan

After Harris slammed the Trump administration’s “failure” to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic – while not specifying the details of what she and Biden would mandate. She then accused the Donald Trump administration of still having “no plan” of having the coronavirus. Pence responded by slamming the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee with a line that won …

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Day one of the RNC: Good sentiment, but too little substance

With the DNC’s daily loony statements, it’s no wonder more time was spent making memes about the convention than seriously discussing it. In this regard, the Republicans just had to come out and say “Hey, we’re not crazy.” That’s exactly what they did – but it wasn’t exactly a high …

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Just a little bit racist regime trump will fall.

Portland has 76 days protests of activists from Black Lives Matter.     At the request of local police, the retreat of Federal forces from Portland only usugumo riots. The police are actually signs that can not suppress their own. Video https://m. 

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Little Big accused of plagiarism and it is something!

Who? The world-famous group, together with Internet users, who for some reasons did not find similarities, and then as the chain broke. Some criticize, others to protect. It seems to me that in today’s world, the whole culture of recycled plagiarism, because everything has long been invented for us, but …

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Little-known photos of the actual USSR

So, friends — today will be another post with photos of real life in USSR 1970-80s years — the same era that fans scoop called the “Golden age” — say, and the consequences of the devastating war has already overcome, but damn Gorbachev still not reached with his own hands …

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The protest is not ripe: this little violent

The only exit to the streets of Russian cities millions of disgruntled citizens are able to accelerate “transit authority”. Judging by the responses, the meeting on 10 August in Moscow gave rise among some opposition-minded observers feeling close to euphoria. All vying to ascertain the unusually high activity of Muscovites …

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