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4 myths about colon cancer

4 главных мифа о раке толстой кишкиFor cancer there are plenty of persistent myths.

Annually in the world with colon cancer sick 1 million 200 thousand people.

In the majority of countries this disease is the second or third place in structure of oncological diseases.

Our country is no exception. One reason is late referral to the doctor and a lot of myths prevailing around this disease. Turning to the experts, we decided to refute the most tenacious of them.

Myth 1. I am 40 years old and I can’t have cancer.

In fact, Alas, colon cancer, younger, largely due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, most of which are refined products and animal protein. In this sense, colon cancer can be considered a disease of civilization. Without the load, which give the colon foods rich in fiber (vegetables, fruits, legumes), it becomes “lazy”, there is a change in her physical activity, which on the one hand, leads to stagnation of feces, on the other — enhances the growth of intestinal bacteria that produce carcinogens.

Myth 2. I have no pain. So I’m healthy.

In fact, In the initial stages of the terrible disease can not manifest itself: is that an unstable chair and heaviness in the rectum. But not everyone is so considerate to yourself to see it. Besides such minor symptoms are often written off the so-called irritable bowel syndrome, and bleeding from the anus — hemorrhoids. While blood in the stool is an indication for endoscopic examination of the entire colon (colonoscopy).

Myth 3. Colonoscopy is painful. It’s more harm than good.

In fact, This procedure, which is every five years must pass every person who has reached 50 years of age, is not pleasant, but bearable. Especially if performed by an experienced specialist. By the way, in recent years this area has seen incredible progress. There are special tools bowel preparation for this procedure, ultra slim and flexible endoscopes, which enable the examination of different sections of the intestine. And the replacement supplied into the lumen of the intestine air to carbon dioxide having the property be absorbed and excreted by the body almost negates and discomfort after the study.

Myth 4. A colonoscopy is a dangerous procedure: endoscopic instruments can infect and even injure the patient.

Actually this is from the category of myths. Perforation of the bowel during a colonoscopy — though possible, but extremely rare (the probability is 1 in 500 cases). As for the disinfection of endoscopic equipment, in modern clinics it is made with observance of all standards. The leading place is taken treatment of endoscopes by automatic washing and disinfecting machines.

In short, the myths around colonoscopy a lot, but practice proves that the colonoscopy procedure is very tolerable, safe and necessary. And if you don’t want to become a patient of the oncologist, pass it must.

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