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Why nibble sunflower seeds dangerous for health

Почему грызть семечки опасно для здоровьяSunflower seeds are considered to be the product of a healthy diet.

However, doctors from the University of Michigan found an unexpected threat to the body from their use. It turned out that lovers of sunflower seeds to chew at leisure a risk to “plant” your liver.

The researchers said that the seeds may contain traces of mycotoxins produced by the mold, the most dangerous of which is aflatoxin. The experts conducted a review of sunflower seeds imported from Tanzania. They found that almost 60% of their selected seed samples and 80% of sunflower cake samples were “contaminated” by aflatoxins.

According to researchers, aflatoxin is one of the most dangerous penetrating into the body, it can cause liver damage and other internal organs.

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According to the study, the toxic fungus may be found not only in seeds but also in other nuts, grains.

“Aflatoxin producing fungi Aspergillus flavus or Aspergillus arasiticus grow on grains, seeds and fruits of plants with high oil content (e.g. peanuts). Only because of the aflatoxins contained in corn and peanut, every year around the world die to 155 thousand people. Need to better control the quality of such food products”, – cites the opinion of scientists in the journal PLOS ONE.

Representatives of science is not the first time to talk about what the components of a healthy diet is able to be sources of undesirable substances.

Previously conducted research allowed to make the assumption that toxins in the body can even get together with vegetables and fruits that are full of vitamins.

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