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What are moles most dangerous, was told by the dermatologist

Какие родинки наиболее опасны, рассказал дерматологPigmented formations on the body can under certain conditions become dangerous. Famous dermatologist of Poletaev A. G. told what moles can cause harm.

According to Professor of medicine, the most dangerous birthmark that appeared on the body. Compared to these formations, congenital moles (nevi) are much less likely to create problems for the person.

The expert stressed that the nevi can become dangerous when mechanical damage. Most often injure moles, located in the neck, face, or neckline. People with such formations on the body, need to exercise caution in carrying out hygienic and beauty treatments.

For nevi harmful sun, therefore it is not necessary to stay long in the sun. To protect the body, you need to use sunscreen. According to the doctor, seal the mole patch it is impossible, it will create a greenhouse effect and will only worsen the situation.

Politeno recommends for any inconvenience, deterioration or damage of moles to immediately consult the dermatologist.

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