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Thyroid disease: how not to miss the beginning of the disease

Заболевание щитовидки: как не пропустить начало болезниWe do not have the habit to listen to your body.

As a rule, to the hospital we go only when it hurts so that neither sit nor stand. However health not to be trifled with. And it is better to listen to what gives us our body.

The thyroid gland is very important organ. It is responsible for hormone production, regulates the use of body energy, has an impact on virtually every cell, tissue and organ in the human body. Not revealed at the time of thyroid disease can have serious consequences for many organs of the human body, including the liver, intestine, reproductive system, heart and even brain. The thyroid gland located in the neck and is butterfly shaped. Doctors tell you how to detect thyroid disease, says health info with reference to

Symptom 1. Feeling depressed or depression - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Lack or, conversely, excess thyroid hormone can affect mood. In particular, the lack of it leads to low levels of the hormone “happiness” serotonin. And then you feel sad and overwhelmed. Ate too much, the feeling of anxiety, worry and irritation.

Symptom 2: Constipation

If you are tormented by this problem and get rid of it you can’t, chances are that you have a failure of production of thyroid hormone. This is one of the three most common signs of hypothyroidism.

Symptom 3: do You sleep

Yeah, getting up in the morning – work for all, but if the climb becomes unbearable, it is necessary to look at this as a Wake-up call. Inert hormone slows down the body almost to the state of the turtles, and you walk all day like a sleepy fly.

Symptom 4: skin Dryness

Dry, flaky skin all year round, not just during the winter? It can also be one of the signs of hypothyroidism. Also, it is accompanied by dryness of nails and hair, possibly even hair loss. This is due to the lack of thyroid hormone, which causes the violation of the cycle of their growth.

Symptom 5: Sudden weight gain

Sudden weight gain, albeit minor, is also a symptom. It’s caused by the drop in the rate of metabolism, but your appetite decreases, which does not allow substantial increase. The same applies to those who struggle with excess weight, but can not lose weight.

Symptom 6: Lack of desire

Loss of libido is among the 12 signs of hypothyroidism. This is not the main factor, however it should be considered as a Supplement to more serious problems.

Symptom 7: the Pain and muscle weakness

Usually the pain in the body as normal. If you hit your finger, it will hurt, and if you had not engaged in sports, and then went all out in the hall – soreness is assured. But the only way. If the whole body is constantly aching and in pain, it’s a reason to think.

Symptom 8: the Throbbing heartbeat

It’s possible that you just fell in love, and that’s fine. However, thyroid hormone acts differently than butterflies in the stomach. A feeling that heart skips a few beats. It can even be felt through the pulse in your wrist or neck.

Symptom 9: Unclear head

With age, the clarity of thought is a little lost, but if this happens quite often, it’s not just forgetfulness. This very forgetfulness is a sign of a lack of thyroid hormone just as excess of it leads to difficulties with concentration.

Symptom 10: High blood pressure

If you have this problem nothing can solve it, then there is a risk that it’s all the same in the thyroid. Disruptions in the hormonal work threaten to overload the heart and even heart attacks.

Symptom 11: the Frequency of monthly

Longer menstrual periods with large discharge and pain in women can be a symptom of hypothyroidism, when it produces insufficient amount of hormones. The periods between menstruation can be reduced.

Hyperthyroidism high levels of TH cause various kinds of irregular menstruation. The periods become shorter or longer period may pass in very small amounts.

Symptom 12: the Appetite and the food

The increased appetite may indicate hyperthyroidism, when too large number of produced hormones can cause you to experience hunger constantly. The only difference and you may say, “plus” is that in this case, a problem with the thyroid because of her hyperactivity compensate for the use of excess calories due to the increase in appetite, so people end up not gaining weight. On the other hand, insufficient activity of the thyroid gland can create confusion in your perception of tastes and smells.

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