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Three good options for dietary Breakfast

 Три неплохих варианта для диетического завтракаFor Breakfast better to drink protein foods.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, it depends on the success of weight loss throughout the day.

Many girls do not eat Breakfast in the morning, only a Cup of coffee and some biscuits. And for good reason. Nutritionists say, that Breakfast is the most important meal, and if dinner can not eat, and about the dinner to forget, but with the first meal is better not to joke. So, after a night of sleep the body needs calories to start normal operation. And if they do not give, then all subsequent food it is postponed “in reserve”. That is why the Sutra you need to eat.

If we talk about what should be the Breakfast, everything is simple: on your morning plate should be as carbohydrates (to give strength), and proteins. Interestingly, the people who can, in principle, should include in your diet sufficient amounts of protein. After all for anybody not a secret that protein (obtained from protein) is a highly nutritious component of food. So, it gives a sense of satiety, and the body needs a lot of time and effort to digest. Therefore, after protein foods you can not eat half the day, and feel great. At that time, after muffins you want to eat in an hour.

Your Breakfast was correct and nutritious, during weight loss 30% servings portions should be complex carbs and 70% protein.


Scrambled eggs and vegetable salad

One of the quick Breakfast options for losing weight is scrambled eggs and vegetable salad. For cooking eggs on a heated pan, break 2-3 eggs, and bring to readiness. Perfect salad for the morning will be the lettuce, a little cheese and tomatoes. If some of the ingredients you have, make up your own version of vegetable salad. You can fill with olive oil. As a drink choose green or herbal tea.

Oatmeal and chicken for a couple

Another easy Breakfast option is steamed oatmeal and chicken for a couple. Of course, burgers don’t have to cook right Sutra: you can prepare the party, and “scatter” them for a few days. To prepare the cutlets for a couple you need of chicken and spices. Make fillet of beef, add favorite spices, form burgers and send in a steamer. If you want to make them softer, add a little crushed into oatmeal flour and a spoonful of low fat sour cream.

Toast with cheese and scrambled eggs

Breakfast can be not only useful but also delicious. So, to dry in the oven bread on top put lettuce, tomato and cheese. While the bread dries, you can prepare an omelet (for its preparation you will need an egg and a little skim milk). In the omelette you can add cheese, herbs, mushrooms and other vegetables.

If you can’t imagine your morning without coffee, drink it after a meal. Importantly, the drink was without sugar.

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