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These two drinks adversely affect the figure

Эти два напитка пагубно влияют на фигуруSpanish scientists from the University of Navarra called effective protection from obesity taboo on beer and carbonated drinks.

To this conclusion they came as a result of observations of the health of nearly 16,000 people.

Lovers of beer and various sodas to a greater extent prone to problems with excess weight, and among the victims of clinical obesity addiction to these drinks is widespread, said the researchers. Observation of scientists have shown that people who willingly drink beer, also tend to consume additional in the form of diverse snacks, and lovers of carbonated drinks are more likely to exhibit other unhealthy eating habits.

The complex of these factors is closely associated with accumulation of extra pounds. According to the authors of the project, those who want to lose weight, you should avoid drinking beer and soda. But best of all, they say, have the habit of drinking is harmful and high-calorie drinks plain water. Drinking just one glass of water a day instead of a beer or carbonated beverages reduces the risk of obesity by 20%, – stated the representatives of the University of Navarra.

According to scientists, those people who are in the study replaced unhealthy drinks water only once a day were able to lose weight without changing no more food cravings and not changing a habitual level of physical activity.

“A bottle of beer usually contains more than 140 calories and a glass of non-alcoholic beverages – more than 70 calories. If you refused the glass of soda, replacing it with a glass of water, you can significantly reduce the likelihood stout”, – summed up the Spanish explorers.

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