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These three products are a natural antibiotic

В этих трех продуктах есть природный антибиотикDoctors said there are three products that have healing properties and can even replace antibiotics.

Any disease easier to prevent than to treat, so doctors insist on timely prevention, which can be done with just three products – onion, garlic and parsley. According to doctors, these foods are natural antibiotics and their use should not be underestimated.

How useful bow?

All varieties of onion are considered beneficial to health. The main feature of bow is the antimicrobial property that is carried out due to essential oils in its composition, which produce the pungent aroma and bitter taste. Pathogenic bacteria, viruses, worms, and other microorganisms not able to resist the powerful influence the bow. This is why doctors insist on regular use of this product, which can protect you from various diseases.

How useful is garlic?

Garlic, like onions, are known for their unusual taste and smell, again, because of the essential oils. It has almost the same set of properties as the onion, regarding the protection of the organism from parasites and viruses. In addition, garlic acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the digestive system, therefore, provides a powerful protection against cancer of the intestine and stomach. Garlic increases the appetite, therefore it is recommended to include in the diet a weakened people who need to gain weight. Garlic can cleanse the blood vessels and reduce the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, which is very useful for diabetics and all people.

What are the advantages of parsley?

Parsley is often underestimated by people, but in vain, because it is nutrient rich and has disinfecting properties. Even parsley improves vision and strengthens the immune system because it contains vitamins A and C. People with diabetes, and parsley need to eat regularly because it maintains glucose metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar levels. By the way, parsley is perfectly whitens the tooth enamel and skin, so that it can be used instead of harmful whitening toothpastes and creams in which in addition to chemicals and abrasives, nothing more.

These three products-antibiotics available and always have on hand, so why not use them for the sake of your health?

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