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These simple ways will reduce excessive appetite

Эти несложные способы уменьшат чрезмерный аппетитThe ability to reduce appetite is an important task for everyone who wants to lose weight.

While it is not necessary to use expensive drugs. There are quite affordable and simple ways to reduce the increased appetite.

Make sure to regularly use them, and after decreased appetite and reduced weight.

Almost every one of us, and most often women, or otherwise care about or to reduce weight or keep it slim.

Ladies for this, go on diets, take pills, sweat at the gym. However, there are times when stress or another factor that increases our appetite, destroying so hard to the results.

How to keep appetite in check, not allowing yourself to overeat? At the same time, it is important that this had a negative impact on health.

What to do? How to maintain the harmony and beauty without too much stress on the nervous system? How to keep appetite in “within”?

Experts in fitness and nutrition think – in order not to spoil the figure, there is no need in hard restrictive diets. Enough of a balanced diet and no overeating.

If self-control over appetite is an insoluble problem for you, and you are not able to resist the cake, pizza or spaghetti, then we’ll show you ways to stay within the framework of a balanced diet, without resorting to pills or tablets.

The water will help reduce appetite

The easiest way to reduce appetite is to drink a glass of water 5-10 minutes before going to lunch. It is best to use for this mineral the cart without gas. You can replace it with a Cup of herbal tea. However, the juice to reduce appetite not suitable – on the contrary, they stimulate the receptors, which stimulate secretion (a) gastric juices, which also contributes to decreased appetite. There are in fact aperitif.

A glass of water, drunk on an empty stomach, a sensation of fullness, reducing appetite. In addition, it is useful for the intestines – the water stimulates peristalsis, starting the digestive process.

Essential oils will help to reduce appetite

An excellent tool for reducing appetite, some essential oils. They can be inhaled and can be ingested, nacapew on a piece of bread. These properties are:

– juniper oil;

– peppermint oil;

– green Apple;



– peach.

Very useful to have a pendant filled with aromatic oils, so that when the hunger pangs you can immediately take some breaths. It is also useful to use these essential oils for bathing, somamassage.

Chocolate is the most delicious opportunity to reduce the appetite

The most popular way to reduce appetite is, of course, chocolate. No wonder children not to eat sweets before food, because all know how candy can beat your appetite. Well, not to consume excess sugar, it is best to trick the body with dark chocolate. The higher it is the cocoa content, the better. Even better – don’t just eat chocolate, and a few minutes to hold it in your mouth dissolving. Then signal the feeling of fullness will go directly into the brain, and the desire to eat will quickly evaporate.

Only two or three pieces of dark chocolate to remove even the strongest hunger pangs. And if you have then there – you will eat less than they could. And this again will affect your weight in a pleasant way for you.

The sprouted grain will help to overcome the appetite

Sprouted grains that you can buy in the supermarket is a great way to overcome the annoying feeling of hunger. Enough to eat a spoonful of these seeds, chewing them longer, and drink a glass of water. Having entered the stomach, they swell and will provide you with a sense of satiety.

Sprouted grains have a large supply of vitamins and useful micronutrients to the body. In addition, they have a long period of digestion – a few hours.

Salads with sprouted grains are also very useful. It is best to mix them with yogurt or kefir. This will not only provide you a feeling of fullness for 3-4 hours, but will also help to lose weight, bringing the health benefits.

Green tea will kill the appetite

Regular drinking of green tea – a long way to satisfy the appetite. When your stomach sends signals that he does not mind to be filled with food, a Cup of fragrant green tea without sugar is a great way to deceive him.

It is also important to brew it: let it infuse for 10 minutes, after which you can add a couple tablespoons of milk. It will be a great diuretic and will help flush excess water from the body.

The hunger will help to deceive the stevia

The herb stevia has become so popular that you can buy in any pharmacy. It is particularly useful for the tooth as it is a wonderful natural substitute for sugar. Just add 1 teaspoon or 1 packet stevia milk, and it will be sweet. This drink perfectly satisfies hunger and contains very little calories. A glass of milk with stevia will help you to sleep well without rumbling sounds in the abdomen.

Pharmacies have sold stevia pills are for the lazy. Enough to put one pill under the tongue and dissolve to appetite for a long time was deceived and abated.

A fruit basket will help to satisfy your hunger

Fruit is not only effective, but healthy way to reduce appetite. They will help temporarily satisfy your hunger, at the same time providing it with essential vitamins. Fruits contain low calories and at the same time saturate the body with fiber and useful minerals.

The most recommended for this purpose fruits are apples, grapefruit, and pineapple. To help keep the appetite in check will also help grapes, orange, lemon, cherry.

If you need to delay the time lunch enough to keep on your table a bowl of fruit or berries, and used in case when it is impossible to restrain the hunger.

Than to spoil my appetite for the night

Loss of appetite before going to sleep is a separate issue. Many of us basically not able to sleep with an empty stomach, and experiencing psychological and physiological discomfort. What in that case to do? Because lack of sleep is also harmful.

As recently discovered by scientists, the area of the brain, which is the pituitary gland that produces growth hormone, aktiviziruyutsya half an hour after the beginning of sleep. These hormones – arginine and lysine contribute to the expenditure of fat reserves, and because of them people are actively losing weight in my sleep. However, the lysine is contained in foods, particularly in milk.

Therefore, if you drink at night, a glass of skim milk, this will not only help to reduce the appetite, but also promote the activation of processes of splitting of fat stores. All this will happen as you sleep.

So to lose weight you don’t have to sweat in the gym. Just enough to know well the principles of the human body.

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