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These simple steps will help improve relations

Эти простые шаги помогут улучшить отношенияThis will take just a minute.

Any relationship from time to time to spice things up. Read about how you can do it in just 60 seconds. So, there are several techniques that will help you improve relationships just a minute.

1. Hug your partner tight and hold in the arms of exactly one minute. Physical contact with a loved one increases the production of the hormone dopamine, responsible for pleasure. You will feel warm inside.

2. Send the second half of the message about how you two are good together and you love him, remind about life’s brightest moments and you charge a couple of your positive energy.

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3. Buy partner for his favorite drink, dessert or appetizer. It’s really a small thing, but it will be nice to come after work and eat something tasty, feeling that you thought about it when it is bought.

4. Send your beloved a present for no reason (at work or home when you are absent). Attach a postcard with gentle words or how much he means to you.

5. Sing the second half of the song in the voice mail or put there as some amenities. Favorite will be listening to this record and definitely the smile.

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6. Make your man a snack on the road or lunch for work and place inside a note with nice words about him and your feelings. In a stressful working hours that would lift his mood.

7. At dinner or before bed praise of his beloved. Even for some trifle, washed a dish or help you around the house. And you will sleep in a good mood. Such moments strengthen the relationship.

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