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These products only seem useful

Эти продукты только кажутся полезнымиYou said goodbye to fast food and dumplings and decided I can live 130 years.

There it was! Here are five products which, as it turned out, was only pretending to be useful.

1 Muesli

Many types of muesli in addition to their high caloric content and contain a syrup with a high content of sugar and fructose. This syrup acts on a hormonal level and you don’t feel desired saturation. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

2 low Calorie ready meals

As it turned out, after such a dinner the body responds to the non appearance of food and its caloric value the fact that again, figuratively speaking, knocking the spoon on the table. In the end, you overeat!

3 Smoothies

To the smoothie cocktail more calories than ordinary fruit. When the fruit is squeezed, he is deprived of useful fiber and nutrients, and their place is taken by the milk and yogurt, dragging legions of hostile calories.

4 Diet coke

Another revelation: the sugar substitutes in diet sodas inspire your actually a shrewd brain that came a lot of nutrients. Then he, that is, you find that a payment (nerve signal)transferred, and the product (calories) to the warehouse was not entered. And begin to knead all in a row (there is no metaphor).

5 Vegetable chips

Vegetable chips are referred to as vegetable because of the origin — natural vegetables are often denied the relationship. They are fried in the same oil fatty that the usual potato chips, and vitamins in them no more, and the calorie content as well outrageously large.

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