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These products can trigger headaches

Эти продукты могут спровоцировать головные боли10 foods that cause migraines

Experts told what products you should avoid if you’re prone to migraines.

Red wines

Alcohol, especially red wine, is one of the main triggers that you can click on all day to fall down with a headache. Serious research on this subject conducted by scientists from Brazil. They studied the response prone to migraines people on the wine and found that a glass of red by 30% increases the likelihood that the head after a short time begins to crack. Scientists blame such components of the drink as tannins and flavonoids. A lot of them, for example, in Cabernet. Well, excessive consumption of any alcohol dehydrates the body, which also causes headaches.

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This drink has a contradictory relationship with the headaches. On the one hand, a Cup of strong coffee can definitely have an analgesic effect, and if you drink it at the beginning of a migraine, it will help to weaken the attack. But chronic coffee drinkers with a tendency to headaches should immediately reduce the daily dose. Coffee irritates the brain those receptors that are associated with migraine.

Noble cheeses

It is, for example, Gorgonzola, Camembert and cheddar. Despite the fact that each of these varieties strikingly similar to each other taste, smell, texture, and composition, something they still agree. Namely, the ability to provoke severe headaches. All in theramine, an organic compound found in ergot and putrefied tissues. And another of the named varieties of cheese. Termin interacts with the neurotransmitters, the activity of which as well leads to headaches.


Sausage, sausages and any other processed factory meats contain a preservative called sodium nitrate. Researchers believe that this Supplement, no less, causes changes in the chemical composition of the brain, which contributes to headache.

Products with flavor enhancer

The main danger is a flavor enhancer as well-known monosodium glutamate. Besides the fact that it is clearly associated with the epidemic of obesity, this Supplement contributes to the emergence and strengthening of a headache. Studies do not give an absolute guarantee that this opinion is true, but there is a high probability of reducing the pain of migraine, if you completely eliminate foods with MSG from the diet. Among these products, canned food such as olives, fast food, chips, dishes of traditional Chinese cuisine.


Citrus serve, as if punning as it may sound, a bone of contention between the two groups of scientists. Some believe that the frequent consumption of oranges, mandarins and lemons is associated with increased headache, others believe that citrus fruits do not play any role in the fight against migraines. However, the risk is still there. And those who suffer from this disease, doctors recommend to mark on the calendar the day and time when you were in pain, and also record the daily diet. Throughout the month, you will notice whether your specific case of migraine with citrus.

Sugar substitutes

The first thing that doctors tell patients with headaches to exclude from the daily diet sweeteners. And it’s not just about the sweeteners in its pure form, but also about the products that might. This, for example, a low-calorie carbonated drinks, quick breakfasts, chewing gum. Insights about the connection between headaches and sugar substitutes has been proven by several reputable studies and therefore taken into account in medical practice.


Beans and other legumes like peas and lentils, also considered worthy products for inclusion in the list of causes of headaches. Of course, their impact is not so strong and not so extensively studied as in the case of coffee and alcohol, however, was a connection. For example, headaches often recur among the adherents of a vegetarian diet in which meat is replaced with just beans.


They affect the painful way not at all prone to headaches, but a certain predisposition of the body to the “nut” of a migraine exists. Doctors pay special attention to the peanut diet in the monitoring of patients with headache. If any correlation is seen in the specific case, from the diet of nuts are totally eliminated.


The opinion that chocolate can be a headache, is quite common among those who suffer from chronic migraines. However, there are scientists also cannot come to a definite conclusion. According to them, there may be an inverse relationship – the approach of the headache stimulates the desire to eat something sweet. Therefore, if a person eats a chocolate bar, and therefore feels the pain, of course, that he connects these two events.

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