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These products are able to “tame” appetite

 Эти продукты способны «усмирить» аппетитThese products are always at hand and can help out if the appetite was “brutal”.

The suppression of appetite – the eternal problem of all people who want to get better, or dreaming of a slim figure. The feeling of hunger and the desire to demolish all that is on the shelves in the refrigerator, to overcome is not so easy, but the nutritionist reassured new information about the foods that suppress the appetite.

It turns out that these five foods quickly relieve hunger and, moreover, supply the body with useful substances:

1. Water. Experts in nutrition have said that just one Cup of water can soothe the appetite, but for some reason, people do not even try to try this method out for myself, believing them to be ineffective. In fact, water has the most useful properties and drink it should be every 30-60 minutes 1 Cup to the body is getting essential nutrients and you have a feeling of hunger. The more that people often confuse thirst with hunger, lashing out at the food when the need was just water.

2. Apples. Not many people know that apples provoke the production of a particular hormone in the blood, which instantly notifies the brain about the saturation. However, in the evening hours, nutritionists do not recommend to fight hunger with apples, as they contain acids that cause appetite. But in the morning and afternoon apples are in good shape, to slake the appetite.

3. Kelp. Seaweed is renowned for its range of nutrients, and hunger, they do it very quickly. A serving of kelp will nourish the stomach and “brutal” appetite not going to happen. By the way, so nutritionists recommend to include seaweed in the diet of those people who want to lose weight.

4. Eggs. One of the most nutritious products, which are often overlooked. The omelet of two eggs has about 250 calories, but the man eats and a few hours after eating meals may not think about food.

5. The Chili Pepper. Spicy pepper has a unique negative calorie. That is, using a good pepper dishes burns more calories than they did to him. Adding red pepper flakes in any dish, you will automatically reduce portion, so as to eat a lot of spicy food you will not succeed. And after a meal with chili peppers for a long time do not want to eat.

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