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These houseplants can significantly improve your health

Эти комнатные растения могут существенно улучшить ваше здоровьеNASA scientists found that certain types of plants in your house can protect you from illness.

Although the advantages of plants in the room have long been telling experts now scientists have determined that they can even prevent insomnia and improve your overall health.

Scientists attribute this to the fact that plants help reduce stress, anxiety and absorb substances that pollute the air.

The first of these houseplants Areca. According to the researchers, it is perfect for those who are susceptible to colds, as the plant releases water in the air makes breathing easier, especially at night.

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Also Aloe Vera and English ivy have the ability to clean the air.

The most low-maintenance houseplant that grows well in low-light conditions and cleans the air – Aglaonema. And the Tamarind robel removes from the air pollutants such as xylene – a chemical that is found in many cleaning agents and lacquers

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For those who are struggling are allergic to dust, the best choice is Chlorophytum crested, as this plant removes toxins from the air in just two days.

Another alternative to clear the air – lovely Lily Spathiphyllum, which absorbs mold spores through the leaves.

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