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These herbs treat the nerves not worse than drugs

Эти травы лечат нервы не хуже лекарств Some herbs have healing properties with beneficial effects on the nervous system.

Daily each of us faces various issues and problems that make the nervous system to strain. Therefore, traditional medicine recommends to use natural remedies to soothe and restore mental energy constantly.

These herbs treat the nerves not worse than drugs:

Hops. Excellent calms the nerves and helps relieve insomnia.

Melissa. One of the few herbs that have the ability to quickly calm the nervous system, but the man and his body does not get used to Melissa, and it means that balm tea will always cope with the task entrusted to it.

St. John’s wort. Can calm the nerves, but also to help in case people began to sink into depression.

Daisy. Helps to fight stress, because it is one of the most effective sedatives.

Oregano. Relieves irritability and improves the mood and condition of the woman during PMS.

Just one Cup of tea of the above herbs will be enough to in the evening after work to relax, relieve nervous tension, calm down and regain your strength. Plus, herbs are not chemical drugs that harm, therefore, decoctions and infusions can be taken every day.

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