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These habits can cause diabetes

Эти привычки могут спровоцировать диабетIn the world is increasing daily the number of people who develop type II diabetes, and the growth rate reached exponentially.

The main reason for the development of diabetes – a violation of carbohydrate metabolism caused by a deficiency in production the pancreas of the hormone insulin.

Complex biochemical processes in the body that leads to diabetes, is well studied. We won’t overwhelm you with information about them. Will focus on the key habits of our daily lives, caused by our way of life, influenced by advertising, family traditions, can lead to this disease.

Especially we ask you to pay for those habits to the attention of those who in the family has diabetes, because they have of the inherent nature and predisposition to exhausting and otraslyam life to the disease. These bad habits not so much, and sure, if you eliminate them from your life, you will protect yourself from diabetes.

But to get rid of them is necessary. These habits are very insidious, especially because they seem at first glance so innocent.

Lack of sleep is a sure path to diabetes

Studies of Japanese scientists have shown that lack of sleep creates favorable conditions for increasing the content of fatty acids in the blood, which is prediabetics condition. It was found that lack of sleep affects the metabolism, lipolysis, the release of growth hormone, secreted only at night. In turn, inhibition of metabolism decreases the ability of insulin to adequately regulate blood sugar. What, ultimately, significantly increases the risks of developing obesity and type II diabetes.

The researchers found that the epidemic of obesity and diabetes, which is fixed in the latest time, connected with the rhythm of modern city life, when many are practically deprived of a full night’s sleep. In addition, lack of sleep negatively affects the composition of the blood, and after age 60 leads to the reduction of brain volume.

Do you have this problem the solution? Of course there is: you need to organize your day so that remained a dream at least 7 hours. If you don’t have time to finish some work on time – so you don’t have time to do that day. If your conscience is bothering you – well, next time organize better. Moreover, it will be easy if the number of hours allotted for sleep, you spend on games or entertainment.

Depression and stress cause diabetes

Over years of observations, scientists have found that high levels of stress also leads to diabetes. German researchers, in particular, found that severe stress, especially one that relates to work increases the risk of diabetes by 45%. This is because during stress the body secretes the hormone cortisol, which adversely affects the control of glucose levels in your blood. In addition to the above, stress impairs sleep, lowers immunity, which also leads to disease.

How to solve the problem? If you are unable to remove the cause of stress, it should at least reduce their negative impact. For this fit:

– exercise relaxation;

– sports, gymnastics;

– sedative drugs, antidepressant drugs (Afobazol, Negrustin).

Simple carbohydrates in your diet

An excess of simple carbohydrates is the risk of diabetes number one.

As you know, carbohydrates are the main energy providers for the cells and tissues. They are divided into simple and complex carbohydrates (mono – and polysaccharides). The body absorbs simple carbohydrates almost instantly, causing a attack of blood glucose, i.e., dramatically raise the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood. For this reason, nutritionists sometimes call this kind of carbohydrates quick.

In addition, eating simple carbohydrates causes increased groovetune, as it contributes to the transformation of consumed food into fat molecules. They also cause increased levels of “bad” cholesterol and negatively affect the intestinal flora.

Foods with a high glycemic index (above 50) not so much. This:

– sugar (and all foods that contain sugar/fructose/dextrose);

– white flour (and all products that contain flour);

– potatoes.

How to solve the problem? It would seem that the list is small. Unfortunately, a lot of food we eat several times a day, contain the come in some form of hidden sugar and a flour. Simple carbohydrates are found in berries, fruit, in large quantities in honey.

So, if you want to avoid diabetes, forget how to look these products, or at least consume no more than 1-2 times a week products that contain at least a minimum number of specified products.

The diabetologists found that the most useful in the predisposition to diabetes are:

– vegetables (except potatoes);

– fruits low in fructose (kiwi, grapefruit, pear);

– grains (all except the manna, and cleaned rice);

– bean;

products from whole wheat;

– bran.

Excess of fat in the diet is a direct path to diabetes

Almost all patients who have diagnosed diabetes of the second type, said the presence of obesity. As revealed in the result of years of research, high levels of fat in your food disrupts metabolism in which the body blocks the development of diabetes.

Fatty foods affect the genetic “switch” that is able to trigger the development of diabetes. They found: high levels of fat in foods are destroyed two key protein that switches on and off genes. Moreover, scientists hope that the study identified a new biological way, will help pharmacists to develop new ways of treating diabetes.

How to be? You need to eliminate from your diet or at least minimize foods containing fats of animal origin. If you cherish your health, do not be lazy to even remove skin from chicken.

A sedentary lifestyle

Physical activity causes the consumption of glycogen, which through the carbohydrates stored by the body in muscle, liver and other organ.

The higher the physical activity, the higher the level of glycogen in the tissues, which leads to increased energy.

What if no time for daily exercise?

The researchers found that just 30 seconds, but regular exercise is able to “resolve relationship” of the body, sugar is no worse than a long and grueling workout. Two weeks of such lessons, the subjects had to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin by 23% and at the same time to reduce the time which is necessary for our tissues to metabolize the extra glucose. Moreover, glucose uptake by muscle increased by 18%.

Stick to the rules, making them part of his life, and diabetes does not threaten you, even if you have to it a genetic predisposition.

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