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These five signs can indicate a heart problem

Эти пять признаков укажут на проблемы с сердцемFive main symptoms.

When heart disease shortness of breath is one of the earliest symptoms.

Cardiovascular diseases develop gradually over time with subtle symptoms that make them difficult to recognize.

Identifying and addressing symptoms such as palpitations and arrhythmia, breathing problems, swelling of the lower limbs, abdomen and lower back, frequent fatigue, dizziness and confusion, pain and numbness in the left upper part of the body, will ensure early detection and ability to avoid complications. Change of lifestyle helps treatment.

Cardiovascular disease often develop gradually over many years, with inconspicuous symptoms and easily ignored in many cases. It is not rare cardiovascular diseases remain undetected until the occurrence of significant problems, such as myocardial infarction (heart attack). Unfortunately, many of these acute attacks and long-term problems could be avoided if patients knew what to look for in the early stages. With that said, here are the top five symptoms of heart disease that should never be ignored:

Heart palpitations and arrhythmia
Heartbeat — heart skips a beat, flutters, or beats very fast for a short time. It is very common, and often associated with a known cause — excessive consumption of caffeine, and usually nothing to worry about. However, excessive number of daily bouts of palpitations may indicate the presence of arrhythmia. One of the most common and potentially dangerous form of arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation. Millions of people face this problem, not knowing how serious the condition really is.

Shortness of breath
As a result of inefficient pumping of blood throughout the body is the pooling of fluid in the limbs and abdomen. This accumulation is called “congestive heart failure”. Fluid backup fills your lungs or the spaces surrounding the lungs, thus not allowing them to open up to full capacity. If you notice shortness of breath while walking or after light physical activity — problems with the cardiovascular system.

Swelling in some body parts
Heart failure and poor circulation can lead to fluid filling the tissues of the legs, ankles and feet, as well as stomach or lower back. Swelling that occurs several times and have no explanation, you should inform your doctor as soon as possible, especially if it coincides with any of the other symptoms on this list.

Frequent fatigue, weakness, dizziness
If the cardiovascular system is not pumping blood effectively, you may notice fatigue, weakness, dizziness or confusion. Some patients with heart disease there is a sudden drop in blood pressure with the rapid rise, and many of them have reported fainting.

Pain and numbness
Any chest pain (angina) that radiates to left arm, neck, jaw or back, needs a serious attitude, will tell your doctor. There are many causes of chest pain, but when accompanied by numbness or pain lokalizirutesa in the aforementioned areas, or the pain getting worse after physical load, there is a chance that it could be angina, caused by some form of disease of the cardiovascular system.

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