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The truth about cholesterol: the main myths and facts

Правда о холестерине: главные мифы и фактыOrganic molecule is much more complicated than we think.

Cholesterol traditionally associated all the problems of the heart and blood vessels.

Really not understanding, why he even appears in the human body, many attribute exclusively to the harmful effects of this product of metabolism.

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We believe that it is one of the main enemies of health. But actually all not so is categorical…

Dispel myths and learn important facts about cholesterol.

1. He also has a sense
The high content of cholesterol in the blood really bad. But you have to admit his participation in many processes in the body. First, the cholesterol provides a building material for cell membranes. Second, the body uses it to produce bile acids needed for digestion. Thirdly, he is involved in the production of vitamin D and female hormones – progesterone and estrogen.

2. Good and bad
In the body no cholesterol in its pure form. Usually he works together with fats and proteins – lipoproteins. They can be low-density (LDL) and high (HDL). The first is considered to be “bad”, as they participate in the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels. And the second, “good”, removes cholesterol deposits. Ideally, the levels of LDL and HDL are the same – then the vessels remain clean. But if disturbed metabolism, and LDL increases the risk of atherosclerosis.

3. Where are you from?
It is believed that cholesterol enters the body with food. But it’s not. Up to 80% of cholesterol the body produces itself (a substance produced the liver, adrenal glands, small intestine, ovaries). The rest of the cholesterol we get from food of animal origin, it is in large quantities contained in:

butter, margarine durum, fat;
whole and condensed milk, fat cottage cheese, ice cream, cheese with fat content of more than 30%;
sausages, sausages, smoked meat, fatty meat, spreads, offal of.

4. Don’t fall for the bait!
Cholesterol is contained only in animal cell membranes, and cell membranes of plants are composed of plant fibers (cellulose), not from cholesterol. So when the packaging of olive oil you see “No cholesterol”, be sure it’s just a publicity stunt. The manufacturer did not have to remove cholesterol from products of vegetable origin, because they by nature could not be.

5. The Golden mean
Many people think that the lower cholesterol, better heart and blood vessels. But when you consider that cholesterol is the most important product of metabolism, blood levels of which are defined a definite framework, this view is fundamentally wrong.

In order for the body to function properly, the amount of this substance shall not exceed 5 mmol/l. But bear in mind that too low cholesterol is also not very good. American scientists have found that those who almost never eat fats in the blood decreases the content is not just “bad” and “good” cholesterol (and the last protects against arteriosclerosis). There are also studies that prove that low cholesterol causes depression.

6. What to do if cholesterol is elevated?
Cardiologists suggest in this case to adjust your lifestyle.

Bring the weight back to normal. Having lost 2-5 kg, you already will significantly reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

More traffic. Physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Consume fewer animal products. Include in the diet more fruits and vegetables, rich in fibers and pectin. They bind and remove excess cholesterol from the body. For example, in the composition of avocado are the fats that reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol as effectively as drugs. And garlic can thin the blood, moreover, allicin in its composition perfectly displays cholesterol. Fish contains healthy fatty acids omega-3 which reduce level of cholesterol and triglycerides.

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