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The scientists said, what tea helps weight loss

Ученые рассказали, какой чай способствует похудениюAccording to researchers, black tea has beneficial properties that will help in the process of weight loss.

According to scientists, black tea improves metabolism and promotes weight loss is no worse than nizkorodov diet.

By drinking just one Cup of tea a day for four weeks to be noticeable the first results, scientists say. It turns out that the polyphenols contained in black tea, has a special effect on the microbiome of the intestine, which significantly reduces the likelihood of breeding bacteria that cause obesity.

Confirmation of his hypothesis, scientists found in the experiment on mice with excess weight. As a result, the rodents that were given the extract of tea as quickly lost weight, as the mouse on nishihiraki diet. After analyzing intestinal microflora in the animals who drank the tea extract, the researchers found more bacteria that accelerate metabolism and prevent the deposition of fat.

It is true that black tea provided the effect, it is necessary to drink without sugar and not to accompany it with the sweets and sandwiches.

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