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Saudi man helps Jewish reporter sneak into Mecca, gets arrested

A Saudi Arabian man has been arrested for allegedly helping a Jewish television reporter from Israel enter Mecca in defiance of a ban on non-Muslims setting foot in Islam’s holiest city. The unidentified Saudi citizen was referred to prosecutors for “facilitating the entry of a non-Muslim journalist” into Mecca, local police …

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WhatsApp helps US govt spy on users, no questions asked

WhatsApp was ordered by a US government agency to spy on several foreign nationals, even though the agency had no evidence the users had committed a crime or even knew their names. A recently unsealed search warrant from November 2021 shows that the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had ordered …

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In our amazing features helps to understand Sturgeon

In our amazing features helps to understand Sturgeon   Everything is subject to great philosophical law, which is most accurately and concisely formulated by the American writer Theodore Sturgeon: “90% of any phenomenon – shit”. Do not claim that this is just a figurative extension of the second law of …

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Named vegetable that helps protect the body from aging

Tasty and healthy. Regular use of the usual cabbage cleanses the body of toxic substances and protects it from accelerated aging. “Cabbage contains substances that enhance the liver’s ability to cleanse the body from various toxins. When chewing cabbage forms a substance sulforaphane, which is a great detox and protects …

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