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The researchers said, what diseases can cause frequent fainting

Исследователи рассказали, к каким болезням могут привести частые обморокиIn the scientific world called seriously to treat frequent fainting.

Many people needlessly are fainting, as something frivolous or melodramatic. This kind of brief loss of consciousness can be a symptom of much more serious health problems, reports the Chronicle.Info with reference to the news of Yu.

A resident of Manchester a few times over the last year fainted under different circumstances, but never take it seriously, considering transient loss of consciousness the result of increased sensitivity and fatigue. However, after the recent swoon, the General practitioner advised the woman to go to the hospital for detailed diagnosis. X-rays revealed the real reason — several dangerous blood clots in the lungs. This condition is called in medicine pulmonary embolism, and in the absence of treatment of such clots threaten the person a quick and sudden death. Fortunately, the woman time heard about the presence of the disease and received treatment. However, many people are too frivolous to perceive fainting, believing them to be something not too dangerous.

Every year tens of thousands of Russians admitted to hospital after syncope or temporary loss of consciousness. The vast majority of cases relate to the vasovagal syncope. They are associated with the vagus nerve, which starts in brain and ends in the abdomen. It controls the heartbeat and blood pressure, and its excessive activity the rhythm of the heart is reduced, leading to a sharp drop in pressure. As a rule, the cause of fainting is the effect of high temperatures and dehydration.

People can faint from hunger due to the reduction of blood sugar levels, but sometimes fainting are the cause of something more serious. For example, pulmonary embolism, because blood clots in the pulmonary arteries find approximately 17% of people entering the hospital after fainting. In this case, the sooner you get help, the higher the probability of a person to maintain life.

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