Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Researchers have learned to predict death

Fly helped scientists to predict the death.To find molecular markers that predict death, succeeded in fruit flies Drosophila. Scientists from the University of Auckland studied the daily rhythms of life flies and found molecular markers that can predict the death of Drosophila. Data were published in the journal Scientific Reports. …

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The researchers plan to plant strawberries on Mars

UAE scientists are planning to land on Mars tomatoes, palm trees and strawberries. This statement was made by Rashid al-Saadi, head of strategic planning Department of the space Agency Arab Emirates. Experts from the UAE have started the implementation of its plans to study the red planet, they have developed …

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The researchers explained, making life appeared on Earth

Made an unexpected conclusion. According to them, life on Earth appeared due to sheer luck, which, they argue, could not occur. As experts believe, chance, laid the Foundation of a series of heavy duty of volcanic eruptions that lasted approximately 570 million years. The result was the melting of huge …

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