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The Professor shared the effective recipe against colds

Профессор поделился действенным рецептом от простудыTo eliminate the symptoms of a cold will help remedy seasonal berries.

Cranberry juice and cranberry fruits are considered to be mega-useful, especially in the off-season and cold time of the year when almost everyone picks up viruses out sick because of the intensity of the cold.

By itself, cranberries are enriched with useful nutrients and vitamins, and the vitamin C in this fruit no less than in citrus fruits. That is why the cranberry juice, juice, juice, jams from her doctors recommend to include in autumn and winter diet.

The most effective way to treat colds:

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Professor of one of the pharmacological institutes believes that cranberry juice diluted with water and sweetened with a spoon of honey is the most effective tool in the treatment of colds and flu, and other viral diseases.

For its preparation you will need about 200 g of fresh berries, which will need to pass through the juicer or squeeze the juice from them in any way convenient for you.

Then add to cranberry juice one-third Cup water and 1 tsp of honey, all mix well and drink. With a cold you should drink 2-3 cups of this medicinal drink. The next day the patient will feel much better.

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Cranberry is a natural antibiotic and has the following properties:

– antipyretic;

– improves the composition of blood and enriching it with iron;

– bactericidal;

– diuretic;

– antioxidant;

– strengthens the immune system and blood vessels;

– protection for the heart.

With the help of cranberry and you can still lose weight, as it is low in calories and permanently eliminates hunger, and reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and breaks down fat cells.

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