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This recipe will certainly help extend the life of

This need to know everyone. Scientists at mit have found that the drop in the level of air pollution in the United States due to the large increase in life expectancy of people. The decrease in the number of solid particles in the air contributes to less risk of premature …

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This recipe will certainly help to clear the arteries

It’s worth a try. velichanie accumulation of cholesterol in the body leads to heart attacks or strokes. The number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases is growing every year. Every day 2.5 thousand people die due to these diseases. Irregular lifestyle and high consumption of processed foods, and fatty foods cause …

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Identified as an effective recipe to combat gallstone disease

The problem, familiar to many. Gallstone disease – a disease caused by the formation of gallstones, rarely in bile ducts. The main cause of stone formation – metabolic disorders of cholesterol, bile acids and bilirubin, inflammation in the gall bladder and stagnation of bile in it. Often affects obese women. …

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Three effective recipe for cough on the basis of bananas

It turns out that bananas can replace the syrups and cough drops. Bananas are very healthy fruits. Their properties should not be underestimated, because the effects on the human body is quite wide, and all because bananas contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements. Few people know that bananas …

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Doctors have sounded effective recipe for a toothache

How to help myself with toothache. Toothache – a sign of tooth decay (caries) and inflammation of the gums. This symptom always requires treatment to the dentist. The main reason for the destruction of the teeth – formed sticky plaque from food debris, saliva and bacteria, which are eating carbohydrates, …

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Unique recipe found in a method of producing fuel from air

Scientists have invented a new method of fuel production. South Korean scientists have created a unique nanomaterial that allows you to turn carbon dioxide into methane using the energy of light, and published the “recipe” for production in the journal Nature Communications. “Our catalyst is extremely difficult to compare with …

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