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Recipe Siluanov: the secret police as the engine of economic growth

Рецепт Силуанова: карательные органы как двигатель экономического подъёма

Our liberal economists, a new great recipe for the phenomenon called “Russian economy” to make a breakthrough in the fine given under the name of “economic recovery”.

No, this is not the creation of the conditions for development of small and medium business and not attracting investment in science and production – as you could such think?

Everything is much easier and much less costly from the point of view of investments. And thanks for this new recipe we should say such a financial genius as Siluanov, economic standing at taxiing.

Speaking at the April readings in the Higher school of Economics, Siluanov offered a unique solution: “increase in the tax burden will spur economic growth.” And nobody objected, “to accelerate economic growth it is necessary to connect law enforcement agencies. They will participate directly in the realization of national goals and objectives set by the President, and to create the necessary conditions, comfort of work of our entrepreneurs.”

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Brilliant! Once the President and the Prime Minister said that Western sanctions had failed to strangle our economy we introduce also internal, then it will definitely breathe!

Worldwide high tax rates somehow lead to a reduction in production, hampered investment and caused a useless waste of resources. As a result, the income of the country that introduces such odds, begins to fall.

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But only not at us! We have our own special, nobody understood by “economic development”! Who does not like – here is your police officers who will come in and explain how you were wrong, because they pay more taxes – this is important, honorable and Patriotic!

It remains only to understand why such geniuses as Silvanus and why are they so long governed our country, whose economy produces less and less of their products and more and more poor?

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