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The most useful diets to “cleanse” the body

Самые полезные диеты для «чистки» организмаHow to eat with maximum benefit.

Overeating, lack of physical activity, “alcoholic” weekend, negative emotions — our body gradually accumulates damage from such habits until, until one day our health makes us old and sick.

To maintain health and cleanse the body from accumulated toxins to help cleansing diet. Sometimes referred to as detox diets.

Experts told how to follow such diets so that they bring maximum health benefits.

What is a cleansing diet?

The main purpose of these changes to the usual diet — cleansing the body of toxins that accumulate over time in our body.

Under normal conditions, the need for such clarification is absent, because our body is naturally able to purify himself from what he does not need (with the separation of urine, feces and sweat).

Unfortunately, modern life takes place in other conditions. This is especially true of city dwellers. In such circumstances, the toxins that should be removed from the body, gradually begin to accumulate in it.

Many people sit on a cleansing diet after the holidays or vacation, because these days we often overeat and abuse alcohol.

But it is not necessary to approach this problem so radically, and to pay attention to the cleansing of the body only a couple of times a year.

A cleansing diet gives our body all the essential removal of toxins minerals. The toxins and other harmful substances begin to excreted from our body through urine and feces.

You may believe that such diets are too strict. This is not so. In this course includes products that contain fiber and potassium, as well as food that contains enough calories. Most importantly, this food stimulated the cleansing the body of toxins.

The benefits of such a diet are manifold: they allow you to cope with fluid retention, to prevent the development of various diseases and to reduce the volume of the stomach.

Types of cleansing diets

In most cases, the duration of the cleansing diet is one day or one weekend. At this time you need to eat only permitted foods. It is recommended to stay home and take care of your body from the physical effort.

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Diet based on grapefruit

Grapefruit can effectively to burn fat and remove toxins from our body. Also, these citrus fruits contain a lot of fiber and vitamin C. During this diet are allowed to eat only one grapefruit: you can make a juice or eat the fruit as a whole.

Day allowed to combine grapefruit with low-fat yogurt, and in the evening you can use these fruits for making salad with spinach or lettuce.

Diet on the basis of fiber

The protagonist of this diet is oat. Its duration is two days, so this diet is best suited for the weekend. Can you eat oats with skim milk or yogurt, orange juice, nuts (e.g., almonds).

Day is recommended to combine oats with a small amount of fresh fruit (strawberries or apples), in the evening you can cook soup from oats, carrots, leeks and celery.

Diet based on carrots

Eat carrots throughout the day never hurt. It is best to eat carrots raw — it will quickly satisfy your hunger and soothe the appetite. Thus resolved and other ways of cooking these vegetables.

For example, can be prepared from carrot cream soup or puree with small amount of lemon juice. You can also grate the carrots on a grater.

Before going to sleep, finish your day with a glass of herbal tea or decoction.

Diet based on tomatoes

This diet is excellent for smokers or those who have just said goodbye to this harmful habit. It is also useful for women who wish to remove cellulite. This diet lasts one day during which you are allowed to eat only alone tomatoes.

In the morning, prepare fresh tomato juice, and then eat sliced tomatoes.

For lunch you need to make a tomato salad with bean sprouts and lettuce. For dressing, use olive oil.
Between lunch and dinner, drink tomato juice with mint. For dinner again prepare salad, which was mentioned above.

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Before bedtime is recommended to drink tea or any other useful decoction.

Diet on the basis of the artichokes

These delicious vegetables have diuretic properties and stimulates the removal of accumulated fat. This is especially true of the stomach. The duration of such a diet is one day.

Breakfast a piece of whole grain bread with pate of artichoke.

At lunch, prepare baked artichokes, and dinner — tortilla of these vegetables.

Morning and evening can eat low-fat yogurt.

Are there any free cleansing diet?

Many of us, the thought of a diet is a cause for pessimism, even in cases when it lasts one day.

Perhaps you want to start to stick to healthy food or just completed a detox diet and decided to continue to eat healthy food.

In this case we recommend you to include in your diet foods that have purifying properties:

Fruits: pineapple, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, orange, Apple, pear.
Vegetables: celery, asparagus, onions, endive.
Sprouted seeds are wheat, Lucerne, soya.
Whole-grain cereals.
Blue fish.

What happens to our body after a cleansing diet? Many of us often ask myself this question.

The idea is that after completion of this diet you must refrain from eating too much high-calorie food.

Gradually increase the amount of food intake and try to eat more fruit and vegetables (don’t forget about the above list of foods that help cleanse the body).

Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to the sports or at least take daily walks. Drink water (2 liters per day) and avoid unhealthy fats, sugar and refined flour.

Instead of carbonated beverages is recommended to drink natural juices and teas. Coffee can be replaced with green tea. Try to give preference to whole grains instead of processed.

It will serve you as an excellent prevention of the accumulation of toxins and health will become stronger.

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