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The Ministry of health has banned the use of all forms of asbestos

Минздрав запретил использование всех видов асбестаAsbestos can cause many diseases, including lung cancer

The Ministry of health of Ukraine has banned the production and use of all types of asbestos and products made from this mineral.

This was reported in the Ministry of health.

According to the world health organization, currently about a hundred thousand people worldwide die each year from diseases that arise because of the action of asbestos. In this regard, the Ministry of health prohibits the construction, and the manufacture of asbestos products and materials in technological processes.

“The purpose of adoption of the order protection of health workers and the population by reducing morbidity and mortality from diseases caused by effect of asbestos dust”, – reported in Department.

The use of asbestos and products that contains it, can cause diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Currently in Ukraine there are seven companies that used in the production of this material, they work about four thousand people. In addition, the health Ministry said that with the development of the manufacture of artificial mineral fibres, use of asbestos began to have not only medical but also economic in nature.

“Companies that use asbestos, it is imported from the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. For the period from 200-th to the first half of 2016, Ukraine imported 556 thousand tons of chrysotile asbestos. Over the past decade, the proportion of supplies of asbestos were: Russia – 64,5% (358,8 thousand tons); Kazakhstan – 35,5% (197,2 thousand tons.)”, – noted in the message.

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