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The main symptoms of chronic insomnia

Названы главные признаки хронической бессонницыHealthy sleep is not just a certain time that people spent in sleep mode.

It is deep, restful and uninterrupted process. And enough time to sleep depends on individual characteristics of the organism. Therefore most of us suffer from lack of sleep and various sleep disorders.

Signs of chronic insomnia

Sleep disturbance occurs continuously throughout the month or periodically for three months.

Takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep.

All night in the head “the climb” thoughts.

Fear of inability to fall asleep.

Frequent awakenings during the night.

Early awakening and impossibility again to fall asleep.

Reduced background mood and depression.

Unmotivated anxiety, fear.

If you find yourself 4 of these signs is reason to seek help from a doctor.

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