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The doctors explain how salt affects our body

Медики объяснили, как соль действует на наш организмAll you need to know about this stuff.

Salt has long been firmly established in the daily diet of almost every person on the planet. We prefer tasty, bright food, is actively annoying the receptors of your tongue — and do not even think about the harm that it brings to the entire body. Meanwhile, doctors have long been saying about the need to reduce the number of daily intake of salt to a necessary minimum, which seems clearly insufficient for chefs in many countries. So what exactly happens to our body when the salt content increases.

The need for salt

In fact, salt our body needs. It is strange to start an article about the dangers of the product with its praise — but it’s true. The main ingredient of table salt is sodium, acting as a regulator of blood flow and pressure, promoting adequate communication between nerves and muscles. The second element of table salt, chlorine involved in digestion.

Why bad

A rare person is able to properly maintain salt balance in the body, without making this special effort. The majority of people on a daily basis exceeds its bid due to the neglect of diet: semi-finished products contain too much salt, fast food restaurants — cemetery to your nervous system, restaurants crematorium for your teeth and bones.

Salt and pressure

Sodium chloride is directly associated with the risk of high blood pressure. Is present in the body, performing the role of a regulator fluid and blood flows. Increasing the content of sodium chloride in the blood, a person voluntarily puts a strain on the heart, brain and arteries, which leads to permanent high blood pressure.

Salt and calcium

The abundance of salty foods can make your bones brittle teeth bad. The fact that salt helps to wash away from the body calcium, which, among other things, regulates the nervous system and is responsible for correct muscle recovery. Don’t be surprised their own superpowers to get irritated at everything — just try to reduce the amount of salt consumed.

Salt and kidneys

To function properly, the kidneys must be strictly defined ratio of electrolytes (sodium and potassium) to the water. A large amount of salt disturbs the balance and, as a result, the kidneys begin to hold more water in the body. The body swells, through the vein is more blood — Hello, hypertension.

Salt and the brain

In 2010, scientists from Berkeley have opened another negative factor due to the increased consumption of salt. It turned out that the “white death” reduces human cognitive abilities — in other words (if you’ve already consumed too much salt), a lover of salty gradually grows dull.

How to hang in grams

Doctors in one voice assured: a person need to consume about 2400 mg of sodium — about 6 grams of salt. Teaspoon, in the usual useful measure. Most people that exceed normal daily. Combined with coffee, nicotine and alcohol, the risk of a nervous breakdown becomes greater.

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