Tuesday , November 24 2020
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As Nagorno-Karabakh battle goes on, Armenia wants Washington to explain if it supplied Turkey with F-16s to aid Azerbaijan

Turkey and Azerbaijan strongly denied the claims, but the rebuttals have not prevented Armenia from raising the issue of Ankara’s perceived involvement in the Nagorno-Karabakh fighting with its major NATO ally, the United States. Last Thursday, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a telephone conversation with US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, …

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Force majeure must be able to explain properly

The fact that the society is tired of stagnation, does not mean that it wanted state of emergency. People expect normal systemic reform, not sudden contactless vote in the midst of the pandemic and early elections in the spirit of “grab bags station departs!”. If the regime will agree to …

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Now explain that about the indexing joked

Now explain that about the indexing joked Most painful for the government — that money can go directly into the hands of ordinary people. Dreams come true. In the state Duma on Monday evening was officially registered the bill on the resumption of the indexation of pensions to working pensioners. …

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Scientists explain where clouds come to Earth

Announced the results of the study. Scientists said that the majority of clouds on Earth come from outer space. They are due to the influence of high-energy rays on the drops of the spray. Danish experts have figured out the last detail of the impact of cosmic particles on the …

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