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The doctors called the best product to rejuvenate the body

Врачи назвали лучший продукт для омоложения организмаThe scientists said useful than mustard.

That mustard is useful, experts told a long time ago. The scientists decided to investigate this plant and to identify all its good properties. It turned out that a lot of them.

Scientists have even noted that mustard-the human body younger.

Specialists were able to learn that the mustard contains several substances that stop aging. This, in particular, carotene, flavonoids, lutein, vitamin a and folic acid. All together it becomes a powerful weapon that can be used to rejuvenate the body.

Also mustard is useful in diabetes. It turns out that it normalizes chemical metabolism in the body. In addition, mustard lowers glikozilirovannogo protein and glucose, which also prevents the development of disease.

Another useful property of mustard for the body is that this product stimulates hair growth. In addition to this improves the quality of the strands. Thus, this plant can be used for people whose hair falls out or severely whipped ends.

Scientists believe that the mustard should be included in the permanent diet. However, to do it in moderation.

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