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The beneficial properties of seafood: top 4

Полезные свойства морепродуктов: топ-4They are not only considered to be delicacies, but also very useful for the body.

Most lovers of exotic cuisine in the first place to remember and consume sushi and various seafood salads.

No wonder, besides that they are good, our body needs them nutritionally. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Scientists have explained why seafood is beneficial in our diet.

In contrast to the traditionally fatty meat dishes of Slavic, South and East of the sea Goodies — do diet. Low in calories are considered mussels (100 grams contains about 60 calories). In contrast, most of the calories in oysters — about 150 per 100 g Squid and shrimp have priblizno 100-80 kcal, respectively.

Many do not know, but seafood are rich in protein. Contains more protein, except that in chicken eggs. What is important in the digestion and assimilation of food of marine products of protein is absorbed two times faster than other dishes.

Provide iodine
The clams almost no fat, but iodine is a hundred times more than in meat products. We all know that our body needs iodine, but sometimes there is a fear that we “peredoziruet” him with this stuff.

Should not be afraid, because when excess of iodine in seafood, the body excretes it naturally. Only artificially iodinated products can cause negative effects, so you should monitor your diet.

Contain taurine
Another very useful substance that is delivered to us from the sea — the amino acid taurine. It regulates blood pressure (essential hypertension), helps to produce insulin (maintains proper blood sugar) and contributes to the normal metabolism of potassium and other minerals (prevents heart rhythm disorders).

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