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The amazing properties of spinach, which you didn’t know

Удивительные свойства шпината, о которые вы не зналиSpinach has many beneficial properties.

If you love spinach like we do, then for you read more about the benefits, delicious recipes and unusual combinations.

Finally on the shelves of supermarkets and bazaars appeared “new” fresh bunches of spinach. This means that winter is definitely not coming back (although concerns were). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Fresh spinach can not only simmer, add in the pasta, combine with cream, but also add fresh in salads and to cook rolls! They are tasty, healthy and not a calorie!

Oh Yes, remember the cartoon about a sailor’s Papaya, who eats a can of spinach and become stronger? Of course, the muscle for 2 seconds you can not escalate, but your body will benefit immensely.

Spinach improves metabolism, removes toxins, and 100 g contains only 23 calories. Fresh leaves can be added to the salad, as the greens combined with vegetables, fish, and meat. Our tasty option – spinach leaves, carrot sticks, cubes of salted salmon, pesto and cherry tomatoes. Delicious, hearty, useful and so spring-like. If you want to reduce the calorie content of meals from a recipe remove salmon and add cucumber.

Vitamins and minerals above the daily norm
Did you know that spinach protein content is inferior to that bean! The greens can safely use in a post to compensate for the deficiency of proteins in the body.

It is also worth noting that this combination of vitamins and minerals not found in any other vegetables or greens. Spinach contains 52 percent daily value of vitamin A, 45% more than normal manganese, four times the daily value of vitamin K and half dose of vitamin B6.

Try to prepare a wholesome rice paper rolls, fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and sauce of your choice.

Spinach is recommended to use even to children, however, better to cook with cream, otherwise green leaves are unlikely to appreciate your child. Pregnant also, you can prepare salads of spinach or a smoothie.

March – stressful transition period for the body. Change in the weather, lack of vitamins, depression and bad mood… Spinach soothe better than any candy. The greenery has a beneficial effect on the nervous system helping to calm, restore balance and improve performance. Proven – it works, especially if the hand is not just a salad from spinach leaves, and aromatic croissant stuffed with all the greenery.

Use spinach for eyesight
Composed of spinach is lutein, a substance that improves the functioning of the eyes and prevent macular degeneration. If you spend much time at the computer, include in the diet with wholesome spinach leaves.

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