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Ten ways to cope with spring allergies

Десять способов справиться с весенней аллергиейAllergic disease called the scourge of the XXI century.

For each of the last three decades, the number of Allergy sufferers in the world has doubled and the rate of spread of this problem continue to grow. The prevalence of seasonal allergic rhinitis or pollinosis in the world ranges from 1 to 40%. Moreover, according to some studies, the symptoms of pollinosis occur in 40% of Ukrainians, and this is one of the highest rates in the world.

About how people who are prone to allergies, to experience the arrival of spring and to cope with the beginning of flowering, says Nina, Furmanchuk, the doctor-otolaryngologist of the highest qualification category “Medical centre Agapit”.

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In the spring, as soon as the flowering of some plants, many people immediately raises a number of typical hay fever symptoms – inflamed nasal mucosa, appear stuffy nose, begin watery discharge, nose itching is felt, which always want to sneeze. In addition, often inflamed eyes starts tearing. Allergic rhinitis is rarely isolated, because in addition to the nasal mucosa can become inflamed pharynx, larynx, sinuses, bronchi, Eustachian tubes. Therefore, in children, hay fever often causes otitis media. In children one of the symptoms of Allergy can also be dark circles under your eyes. People of any age, seasonal Allergy can manifest itself through headaches, dizziness, weakness, and through various rashes on the skin.

What to do to seasonal allergies not was your personal annual beach? Nina Furmanchuk recommends the following ways.

1. You first need to determine whether we are dealing with seasonal allergies. It is necessary to consult a doctor, who based on a number of baseline surveys (a nasal swab and a blood test for antibodies) will be able to make an accurate conclusion.

2. If the presence of pollinosis confirmed, the next step is to identify the allergen through the skin samples. It is necessary to consider that now increasingly common polyvalent pollen Allergy, that is a reaction to several allergens, and cross food Allergy, or Allergy to the pollen of certain plants is allergic to certain foods.

3. When the allergen accurately identified, the doctor prescribes the conduct of hyposensitization therapy aimed at the reduction of sensitivity to the allergen, individually selects antihistamines and other drugs.

4. Therapy can be supplemented with a hypoallergenic diet due to possible cross-reactions.

5. Ideally, you should avoid contact with the allergen, which in the case of Allergy to pollen is quite elusive. Therefore, in the flowering season it is recommended to limit the stay on the street and especially not to walk in forests and parks. Usually peak season is just 4 weeks out of the year.
Doctors have named the main causes of allergic rhinitis

6. Coming home, you should first take a shower and wash your hair, and, of course, to change clothes.

7. During the day, you should rinse the nose is physiological, isotonic solutions.

8. In season allergies must often carry out wet cleaning of the room, especially after airing.

9. Frequent airing of the apartment or office it is better to refuse, replacing them with purification and humidification with air conditioners, purifiers and humidifiers.

10. A healthy lifestyle will help your body better cope with allergies, so it is important in this difficult season, a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours a day), eat right (focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins), drink plenty of water (1.5 – 2 liters per day).

Not necessary every spring to experience all the symptoms of seasonal allergies again. Now available the drugs and treatments that will help to effectively deal with allergies. The sooner the identified allergen and developed allergen-specific immunotherapy, the better will be the effect of the treatment and the quicker you will be able to forget about seasonal problems.

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