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How to cleanse the body in spring: advice of a nutritionist

In the same conditions as domestic cleaning procedures should be light and pleasant, most importantly – safe. Spring is associated with renewal and new life – nature begins to awaken, delighting the eye and improving mood. Few people know that in the spring the human body is also susceptible to …

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In Ukraine started the spring call

For military service call of 18.7 thousand. Today in Ukraine started spring conscription for military service. According to the decree of the head of state, the appeal runs from 1 April to 30 June and from 1 October to 31 December 2019 in all regions of Ukraine. In the Armed …

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“Serbian spring” is knocking at the door of Russia?

Dissent in Belgrade demand the termination of the Board “bad political regime.” How to be a good — clarity is not among them. The events in Serbia that happened last weekend, still in the shadow of the political agenda of the West. Surprisingly, almost four months of protests a considerable …

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The expert told how to prepare your car for spring

When it is necessary to carefully inspect the car.Journalist and expert Julius Maksymchuk told how to prepare your car for spring and what needs to be done priority, with roads as soon as the snow melted and it warmed up. The first thing the specialist advises to confine “pereobuvku”. First …

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