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Russia reduces gas flow to EU via vital pipeline

Gas supply through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia to Germany has been reduced further to one-fifth of maximum capacity, German gas network operator Gascade confirmed on Wednesday. According to a statement released by Gascade, as of Wednesday morning, “1.28 million cubic meters per hour, or about 20% of …

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Russia vital part of global economy – Austrian ex-FM

Claims by high-ranking officials that the Russian economy is crashing are completely inaccurate, according to former Austrian foreign minister Karin Kneissl, who spoke to RT about the global crisis. She explained that the Russian economy is an important part of the global economy, especially though not exclusively due to its …

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Global supply of vital edible commodity under threat

Indonesia’s ban on exports of palm oil, the world’s most consumed edible oil, is set to severely exacerbate the already-squeezed supply of cooking oil across the globe. Developing nations are expected to take the biggest blow.The world’s biggest producer of palm oil will effectively ban exports of the good starting …

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US Navy fires commander at vital F-35 facility

The US Navy has fired the commanding officer of Fleet Readiness Center East in North Carolina due to a “loss of confidence in his ability to command.” The facility is responsible for overhauling the Navy’s variant of the next-generation F-35 fighter jet – which, although it is already the most …

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Ukraine crisis may hit vital global economy sector, UN says

Current tensions between Russia and Ukraine are expected to have a negative impact on global grain markets, as both countries are among the world’s largest grain producers.However, it’s currently difficult to assess the scale of potential damage as food prices depend on a range of factors, according to Monika Tothova, …

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WHO vaccine chief says ‘crushing transmission’ of Covid-19 is vital to avoid further mutations amid global vaccine roll-out

The agency’s immunization and vaccines chief, Professor Katherine O’Brien, said she wanted to emphasize the “importance of really crushing transmission” of the virus in order to guarantee the “maximum impact” of vaccines. “The risk of variants relative to the vaccines is ever greater when the transmission is very high in …

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