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New video with gameplay Sea of Thieves

Full release Sea of Thieves on Xbox One, Xbox One, and PC X still scheduled for early 2018. Studio Rare continues to make merry multiplayer Sea of Thieves, designed to pamper you in the most authentic pirate life, full of adventure, battles, treasure hunt, music and of course, grog. In …

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In Russia, thieves broke into the house and fell asleep

The Russians found at home of thieves, who drank his champagne and went to sleep Malefactors planned to sell the stolen gold and spend money on alcohol, but was found in the kitchen champagne changed the course of events. Lovers champagne faces six years in prison. Police in Krasnodar have …

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In Nikolaev the thieves left without dinner cats

The thieves did not hesitate to pick up a pot of porridge for the cats. In a family hostel, located on Sevastopolskaya street, 65, was robbed. This was told by the victim’s attackers. The thieves entered through the front door, without even damaging the lock. They went into the kitchen …

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