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In Russia, the thieves returned to the crime scene because of the big picture

В России воришки вернулись на место преступления из-за большой картиныThe thieves got into the camera lens.

A group of four people tried to steal the painting from the entrance of the apartment building in microdistrict Leventsovsky Rostov-on-don. They made a canvas with the image of London’s tower bridge into the street and tried to put him in the car.

The footage shows how a group of people consisting of a young man, two girls and a little girl climbed the stairs. The guy grabbed the picture and quickly carried her outside. Then the attackers made an unsuccessful attempt to remove the painting to a car, but it was too big.

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In the end, the young man had to abandon the theft. He took the painting to the entrance and leaned against the door, and then disappeared from the scene together with the other participants.

User Dmitry Chernykh has suggested that young people are not going to steal the painting, and wanted “just to try on, fit or not fit it in the car, honestly to buy it in some “Auchan””.

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