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Thieves, arsonists and wind. What funny things happened with the Christmas trees in Ukraine and the world

Воры, поджигатели и ветер. Какие курьезы происходили с новогодними елками в Украине и миреFor the New year all the city is decorated with Christmas trees, decorate them, set a festive illumination. However, sometimes all is not as smooth as I would like.

On the Christmas tree “encroach” bad weather, thieves and vandals. “Country” gathered all the curiosities, which took place on Christmas trees in Ukraine and the world.

The main oddity of this year – “polysevshy” fir, which is transported to Kiev from the Carpathians. A 30-metre tree was seriously damaged during transportation, which caused a sharp reaction in the social networks. However, the tree soon put in order – missing branches attached metal bracket to the trunk, and decoration completely hid all the flaws.

With Central Christmas tree in Kovel stole the star. This violated all festive illuminations. Christmas star consists of two quadrangular structures, superimposed on one another. Such stars adorn the lower part of the tree in a circle. The cost of damage is estimated at 1600 hryvnias.

In the Central square of the city of Zolotonosha in Cherkasy region due to strong winds fell the main tree. Also severely damaged the gearbox, through which the tree can rotate.

In the occupied Donetsk on Leninsky Prospekt Christmas tree fell. In social networks say that the same thing happened in Novoazovsk. This happened due to gusts of wind.

In Sevastopol, the Christmas tree part of the stolen toys. According to eyewitnesses, the decorations started to disappear about a week after the installation of the Christmas tree. At the moment no toys left lower part of the festive tree. Residents complain that this happens every year.

Tree in the Russian Kaliningrad suffered at the hands of vandal: a local resident set fire to it. For this he brought with him a liter can of kerosene. One of the witnesses stopped the arsonist and held it until the arrival of police. Bully said that this method was trying to draw attention to their personal problems.

In Armavir in Russia 24 Dec also from-for a strong wind fell the city Christmas tree. The tree was installed on a metal structure, which did not survive the worsening weather. Also because of the strong gusts of wind broke a congratulatory poster.

Bad weather was the cause of “escapade” in Belarus there were affected trees in the two district centres, namely in the Kalinkovichi and poselok Oktyabr’skiy.

In the capital of Kazakhstan Astana the main tree suddenly caught fire. The tree was artificial, the cause of the fire is investigated. The incident has time to take video.

In the North of Tajikistan in Khujand, hurricane, which knocked down electrosupport and left the residents without electricity. In addition, a strong squally wind blew the main tree of the city.

In Chisinau the scandal broke because of a tree brought from the Ukrainian Carpathians. The tree suffered much more than Kyiv tree due to improper transportation. The working part of branches just cut, so they do not interfere. After the disturbances of the residents of the tree was replaced, but broke a new scandal: the second tree was cut down in the territory of the kindergarten.

In Germany, on 10 December at the Christmas fair fell tree height of 15 meters. A tree fell on a children’s carousel. As a result of the incident injured from 1 to 4 people. They were hospitalized. It is noted that children are not affected.

Italy boss Christmas thieves. So, in one of the most famous shopping malls of Naples, stole a Christmas tree just a day after it was opened. In place of trees there are only a few of the branches and the upside-down pot. The thieves cut down the tree and stole them along with jewelry.

And in Vladivostok, the main tree of the city “dropped” intentionally – for photoshopped pics, which immediately became popular in social networks.

The fact that Christmas tree in Vladivostok fell more than once, the reason is the strong wind. The first time it happened in 2009. Then fir for 10 million rubles, almost the most expensive in the whole of Russia, collapsed before the New year, December 30.

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