Monday , April 6 2020
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Things that were strictly forbidden in the USSR

So, friends — today is an interesting post about the things that you would categorically forbidden to do in the USSR. In the “Classmates” and other similar sites divorced a whole galaxy of groups and communities, where participants post each other’s pictures with captions like “press’ like ‘if you remember …

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Experts tell us what things most bacteria

Became known what the thing in the house contains more bacteria than a toilet. British scientists conducted an analysis of gloves for a variety of bacteria and compared with the results of analysis of bacteria in the bathroom. It turns out that the toilet is not the dirtiest place in …

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Supposedly forgotten Soviet things

Came here on the open spaces of our Internet (which is a special law want to protect our deputies) article in “KP” – “Things of the Soviet era, about which we have almost forgotten, back into our lives”. Well, the fact that the owners/creators use still the name of “Komsomolskaya …

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Funny things bought on “flea markets”

This exciting experience. Your life is boring and ordinary, and it lacks a touch of madness? Welcome to all kinds of flea markets – flea markets, consignment shops and garage sales. Only here can you find such a concentration of crazy design, funny or scary things and strange things of …

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Useful things that can make life easier. Photo

From them there is a real benefit. Every year we introduce hundreds of new devices designed to make our lives easier. Some of them are so steep that we could not afford not to mention them. These 16 smart things that should be everywhere and for everyone. 1. Signals the …

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