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‘The Stand’ attacked by SJWs for casting NON-DEAF actor in deaf role is latest proof acting is a concept the PC-world can’t grasp

CBS All Access recently unveiled one of their most ambitious projects to date: an adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel ‘The Stand.’ While one might have predicted controversy around unleashing a story about a flu epidemic practically wiping out civilization during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the real issue critics have …

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The latest evasions and cover-ups by Western governments over their funding of terrorist groups in Syria are starting to unravel

Recently, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte effectively blocked a Parliamentary motion to allow an external independent investigation of Dutch government funding of terrorist groups in Syria. Rutte initially tried to deny his involvement in the burial of the investigation but tenacious questioning from journalists forced him to admit his personal …

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Who caused ‘Havana syndrome’? With latest research naming no culprit, MSM rushes to declare Russia ‘microwave’ exposure mastermind

On Saturday evening, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) published a report commissioned by the US State Department. They studied a mysterious ailment that US officials deployed in Cuba and China developed a few years ago, and concluded that the symptoms were “consistent” with exposure to pulsed …

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The BBC’s ‘bias to the right’ is the latest revelation from that famed bastion of objectivity – The Guardian

To the casual observer, the BBC is a typically left-leaning news organization. After all, this is the taxpayer-funded broadcaster that temporarily scrapped ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Rule, Britannia!’ from its annual BBC Proms, lets football pundit Gary Lineker spout anti-Brexit, pro-refugee sermons on Twitter, and tells white Britons …

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