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Kiev poses threat to Russian existence – Medvedev

Russia will have to keep fighting Ukraine until it takes its capital Kiev, since it “emanates threat” to it, Dmitry Medvedev, currently deputy head of Russia’s National Security Council has said. The capital has “Russian roots”, but is currently taken over by enemies of the country, led by the US, …

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The existence of ecolony questioned

Researchers have reproduced the work of their colleagues and got different results. Object-кандиzn.iadat companions of the exoplanet was discovered in the summer of 2017 planets Kepler-1625 b, which is located at a distance of nearly four thousand light-years from Earth. Evidence for the existence of the satellite was recorded during …

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In Germany recognized the existence of a third sex

The main innovation of the bill will be the appearance of the column “other”. The government of Germany has approved the bill according to which the bodies of registration of acts of civil status will soon be able to officially record a third gender in birth certificates. The main innovation …

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Found evidence of the existence of a magnetic monopole

The magnetic monopole can exist not only as a mathematical abstraction. Scientists have discovered traces of a magnetic monopole — the magnetic field source, the existence of which denies modern physics. The study is published in the journal Science. Electric and magnetic components of the electromagnetic field are described by …

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Ancient artifacts proving the existence of UFOs. Photo

They force scientists to wrestle with. Until now, scientists and researchers around the world are fighting on these mysteries that have come to us from the past. Did our ancestors saw a UFO and could predict the future? Who knows. The seal of Mesopotamia King Nebuchadnezzar II (private collection) a …

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